About Colorado Sightseer

tours of the Rocky Mountains

Why tour the Rocky Mountains with us?

We’re a local, family-run business. Just the way we like it.

In 2017, Colorado Sightseer was bought and transformed by a local husband and wife team – Rich and Christin. They wanted a change of pace from their day jobs of software engineer and stay-at-home mom. Their family loves the outdoors, so Colorado Sightseer and their tours of the Rocky Mountains was the perfect life change!

Today, with the hard work and renewed spirit of Rich and Christin and their awesome team, Colorado Sightseer has reached the #1 spot on Tripadvisor and consistently earns 5-star ratings for their tours of the Rocky Mountains.

What’s next for Colorado Sightseer? The sky’s the limit!

Our guides make all the difference.

Hi, I’m Christin and 4th generation Coloradan. I grew up hiking, fishing, and skiing in the Rocky Mountains with my family almost every weekend. I love being outdoors, and I love sharing my passion for all things Colorado with our guests. If I’m not out touring or with family or friends in the mountains, you’ll most likely find me on the sideline cheering at one of my kids’ soccer games.

tours of the Rocky Mountains

Hey! Did you know my name is Alex? I’ve lived in Colorado for five years now. I was originally born in Iowa, right along the banks of the Mississippi River, but decided to pack up and try to strike it rich out west. When I’m not driving trail ridge road or scaling the Pikes Peak highway, I’m typically still somewhere outside, whether hiking and climbing in the summer or snowboarding in the winter, chances are I’m getting lost in the great outdoors.

Hi, I’m Kristina, a Colorado native. I grew up on the west side of Denver, next to Red Rocks, the Coors Brewery, and the Jolly Rancher factory. I love telling people about some of the crazy history Colorado has. My dad was a big-time boy scout who took his kids on some precarious camping expeditions that have now made me very comfortable in the backcountry of Colorado. My only child/son recently got married, so now I’m empty nesting. I’m also an ultra runner and so far have summited 17 14ers and many 13ers, 12ers and beyond. When not touring, you’ll have to try and find me out in the mountains, exploring and camping with my favorites: the Great Sand Dunes or the Leadville area!

Hi, I’m Will. Colorado is my home. I was born and raised in Durango. I’ve been a tour guide with Colorado Sightseer since October of 2018 and love taking new friends into the mountains on sightseeing tours and hikes. I have a passion for ridiculous, but true facts, and I love seeing the wildlife on every tour. When I’m not guiding, I’m probably backpacking or climbing 14ers and teaching people survival skills.

Licensed, regulated, and by the book.

Did you know local, state and federal laws regulate tour companies like Colorado Sightseer? We proudly follow all national, state, and local regulations to keep our guests safe and our tours fun.
  • We hold licenses and permits for all the parks and trails on our tours.
  • All of our guides are qualified in First Aid and CPR and pass regular DOT physicals.
  • We always follow the Leave No Trace principles to help protect our national parks.
  • Most of our guides are also qualified in Wilderness First Aid